A dictionary of Translation & Interpreting


Ian Mason, one of the authors of The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Speech and Language decided to offer this small sub-part of the entire project as a free-to-use online resource. It is available here

Each entry consists of a headword, followed by a grammatical categoriser and then a first sentence that is a definition of the headword. Entries are of variable length but an attempt is made to cover all areas of Translation Studies. At the end of many entries, cross-references (in small capitals) direct the reader to other, related entries. Clicking on these cross-references (highlight them and then use Control and right click) sends the reader directly to the corresponding headword. Occasionally, towards the end of an entry, synonyms (syn) or antonyms (ant) are offered. At the very end of each entry, initials indicate the contributor: JL = John Laver, IM = Ian Mason, JEM = Jim Miller.