Consecutive Interpreting Week

Consecutive interpreting is the starting point for learning how to interpret. Despite the dominance of simultaneous interpreting, consec is still widely used in many settings. This consec training week is language neutral and will take place online according to the following schedule:

24-25 August: Fundamentals of Consecutive Interpreting. This workshop will cover:

  • consecutive interpreting techniques
  • note-taking
  • symbols
  • using technology for practice
  • digital pens and tablets

26-27 August: The next level. This workshop will cover:

  • consec for international organisations
  • consec for official delegations
  • consec in a legal setting
  • consec in a medical setting

28 August: Practice Day. Practising with different scenarios.

29-30 August: Zoom in on Your Consec. This workshop is offered together with Darinka Mangino and covers: 

  • myths around consec
  • intro to basic consec skills & new skills for virtual environments
  • overview of most common note-taking systems
  • technology for consec

Each of the above workshops will be from 15:00 - 18:30 UK time. 

Participation Fee

Fundamentals of Consec


The Next Level


Practice Day


Combination of three workshops


Zoom in on Your Consec (Book here)


                          (All prices above are exclusive of ticketing fees)

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