Abu Dhabi Training: 7 September 2019

About the Training

Elements of this training were offered successfully in different parts of the world as you can see here. I am happy to bring it to Abu Dhabi. This is a one-day training (from 10am - 5pm) that will explore the following elements:

Simultaneous Consecutive

Interpreters stand to gain when they embrace technologies that can aid their performance and save their time. The first part of this workshop will look at Simultaneous Consecutive; a hybrid mode of interpreting that can ease the pressure on your memory and help you achieve a more accurate and complete consecutive rendition. After a brief review of the research done on this mode, you will see how some simple apps downloaded to your mobile or tablet can help you with your consecutive assignments. You will get the chance to practise and see for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of this hybrid mode. 

Paperless Preparation

Several international organisations are moving towards a paperless environment. In addition, conference interpreters spend a good part of the year on the go and still need to prepare for their assignments while travelling. Therefore, interpreters need to learn how to prepare for meetings in a paperless way. We will look at examples of paperless portals and explore apps you can use to annotate documents and organise your glossaries. We will look at apps and gadgets that can contribute to making your life easier and more organized. 

The Venue

The venue will soon be confirmed.

Participation Fee

Early Bird

Till July 26th, 2019


Regular Rate

Starting July 27th, 2019


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